Free Robux :- Guide to Get Robux for Free Without Survey(Updated)

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free robux

Roblox is a platform where multiplayer online games can be created, and it also allows users to design and develop their games.

Robux is a primary currency of the Roblox. The items or products which are developed and created by Roblox are sold for Robux within each particular catalog.

The entire user-created content follows the same instruction or rule; for example, the game passes used and also all the micro-transactions.  

The name Robux is obtained by combining both Roblox and the bucks which are also mentioned as bux. 


#1 Swagbucks

You can earn free Robux and credits by logging into the Swagbucks website.

This website gives free rewards and also provides gift cards for the users or viewers who take up a survey or those who watch ads and even for those who use this as a search engine and searches the web.

signup now and confirm your email to start earning poins

#2 MyPoints

Just like Swabucks, Mypoints also offers various tasks on their website. You can complete these tasks and earn points.

Once you receive the points, you can then redeem them with Roblox gift card codes. These codes can be redeemed to get free Robux and then you can have more fun in the Roblox game.

Also, this website provides impressive discounts for its users who redeem more points. You need to accumulate 1000 points on the site by completing the tasks to earn $10 Robux gift card.

However, you only need to make 1500 points to get a $20 Robux gift card.

Don’t you think this website offers much more benefits for you? If yes, then don’t waste your time and start earning free Robux.

signup now and confirm your email to start earning poins

#3 TimeBucks

Want to get paid for enjoying your life?

Yes, timebucks does that. If you are hunting for free robux then this is the place you need to be.

Log in to timebucks website. Sign up and earn by doing what you enjoy. Listen to music, watch videos, give reviews and much more and start earning instantly.

The same way you can also earn free robux here.

signup now and confirm your email to start earning points. you will get $1 bonus so you need to earn $4 to redeem your gift card

#4 PointsPrize

PointsPrize is a legit website which has been online for many years. This website offers different tasks where its users can complete them and earn points on their website. Once you collect a certain amount of points, you can then redeem them to Robux.

The tasks which are provided by this website are straightforward, such as watching advertisements, taking surveys, promoting their products and services, and daily login bonus. All you have to do is to complete the tasks which you like and earn points.

With the points you have earned, you can exchange them for prizes, like Google Play Codes, iTunes codes, and Rixty codes to purchase Robux.

Within an hour, you can complete these tasks and earn points. This website also makes sure that they only work with respectable advertisers. And this is to make sure that you will not get scammed and feel comfortable when using their tasks. There is also support where you can contact them if you are facing any issues when completing the tasks on their website.

#5 Earn Robux with Rixty Codes:

Rixty is one of the popular websites on the internet, which is known for its reward points. This platform will offer you multiple game points. You can earn free Rixty codes by completing or purchasing items on various websites such as Swagbucks.

To earn free Rixty codes, you should complete some tasks like signing up for newsletters, completing surveys, watching ads, and many more. After receiving the points, you can redeem them for Rixty codes.

You can make use of Rixty codes for many popular games such as CrossFire, World of Tanks, Warframe, CSGO, and Roblox.

How to redeem Rixty codes to Robux?

Without using fake Robux generator, you can redeem the Robux with free Rixty codes into your Roblox account. Follow the below steps to redeem the Rixty codes on Roblox platform.

  • Login to your Roblox account by visiting the Roblox website
  • Choose the tab Robux which is on the top of the page and click on either Buy Now or Upgrade option.
  • Once you select your desired option, choose Rixty as the form of payment.
  • Enter the Rixty code and then click on the button Redeem.
  • Click on the button Submit Order to get the Robux into your account.

This method is very legit and is also certified to earn free Robux. You will never get banned in the Roblox platform for using Rixty codes to get Robux. In your free time, you can try any of the tasks to earn Rixty codes.

#6 Earn Robux for free with Google Play Codes:

You might have already heard about Google Play Codes and Cards. Didn’t you? If not, we will explain to you what exactly are Google Play Codes are! Google Play Store is a platform for all Android users, where they can install apps, movies, games, books, music, and many more.

You can find millions of apps and games which are available for free. There are also premium versions available which you can purchase them through real money. However, the Google Play Store also has currency names, Google Play Codes, which can be earned using hundreds of valid websites.

You can also use these codes and cards to get free Robux. Many websites offer multiple tasks to earn Play Codes such as free surveys, giving feedbacks, watching ads, subscribing pages, and many more. Once you get the codes, you can then redeem them to purchase apps, games, movies, and videos on Google Play Store.

However, our primary goal is to get Robux to play the games on Roblox platform. If you have the play codes, then search for Robux on Google Play Store. You will find various apps which can help them redeem to Robux.

There is also one interesting thing about these Play codes. On the Google Play Store, you can find many apps where you can purchase them with Play Codes such as Clash of Clans, Fortnite, and many more games.

#7 Earn free Robux with iTunes Credit:

Just like Google Play Store, Appstore also has a currency which is iTunes Credits or Gift Cards. These cards are beneficial for all the iPhone and iPad users. They can use these iTunes gift cards or credits to get free Robux.

To earn these cards and credits, you need to complete specific tasks which are available on various websites like completing the survey, watching videos, promoting products and services, and more.

On the Appstore, you can purchase the Robux with the iTunes credits you have earned. You can also sign up or newsletters to earn the points on the App Store.

Other Ways to earn robux in

Method 1:  Purchasing the First Builder Club

There will be a store available for every game from where you can purchase the items that belong to the game.

Roblox offers three types of paid builder club. These three types of paid builder club can be purchased from the official store of Roblox.

If any membership is purchased for the first time by you, you will be rewarded with 100 robux as a bonus gift.

Method 2: Buying and selling in the builder’s club:

Once you have paid for any membership in Roblox, you are eligible for selling and buying in the builder’s club all the type of collectibles available.

Selling and buying the collectibles in the builder’s club is similar to that of a barter system if you offer some of your items only you can buy the item or product you want.

For trading the collectibles, you can also use the game money robux. You can also sell your design in the builder’s club of Roblox.

Method 3: You can earn by showing your designs

You can also earn free codes by developing and designing the collectibles or any items and selling it. Once you sell, you will be paid, and you can also use that.

Everything you need to know about "Free Robux Generator"

When playing Roblox games, players always end up using whatever method they find online. This is because the players want to explore things in Roblox and always search for ways to get free Robux.

Due to the popularity of the game, many online websites claim to provide free Robux if you use their generators.

However, all these generators are fake as they only created those websites to earn some money by getting views from people like you. You will never be able to make free Robux because they can’t help you in getting Robux for free.

If you are a new player and don’t have much idea about Robux, then you need to know about the game and then start searching for the Robux. If you have tried all the methods to earn the free Robux but still unable to get it, then you should give the above methods a try.


Always say aways from the site who say robux generator, robux hack, free robux no survey, free robux no download etc. because those sites are fake. There is no way to hack robux using some online tool. Don't fall in trap follow about mentioned methods those are the only way you can earn robux for free. 


Finally, we conclude that the methods mentioned above are the only legit ways to earn free Robux. Though there are hundreds of websites which present similar techniques and tricks, we wish you might end up getting scammed.

We just wanted to give you a heads up by helping you with the legit and working ways so that no one will never have to get scammed.

There are some free robux hack generator which work in the beginning as they use some special codes to make it work. However, after a few days, you might not be getting anything from them. Instead, you help them with your sensitive information as you download and install some software during the process of generating Robux.