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Robux is the in-game currency of the Roblox Game, and players use it for various purposes. From customizing your characters, upgrading your tools, to most importantly, unlocking the new resources, and whatnot! But to earn or to get Free Robux in the game is not as easy you think. The game’s whole business depends on this currency, so it won’t be offering you it that easy.

If you ever ran low on Robux, then you must’ve searched for Free Robux hack websites and platforms. Almost hundreds of sites pop-up in the results to pose as a Free Robux Generator online!

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Guess what? All these Free Robux Generator websites are Fake.

We’ll talk about all the ongoing scams but first, let’s get you some working tricks to get free Robux.

But the million dollars question is how to get Robux For Free in the Roblox Robux Game?

How to Get Free Robux in Roblox? All the Working Methods

So, you want to learn how to get Robux, the official in-game currency of Roblox? Now, there are various working tricks and ways which you could employ. We will start with the basics of Builder’s Club membership, and how to buy Robux separately from the membership. Moreover, we’ll deviate towards all the free third-party tricks to get Free Roblox Robux.

But let’s clear one thing, nothing is FREE in this world!

The tricks and methods that we’re offering wouldn’t require you to spend a dollar in the game. But you need to do some tasks in exchange, and that’s why it’s the closest you can go to “Free Robux.”

Method #1 Using PointPrizes For Free Robux

The first one is our list is a 100% legal and genuine website that offers you the best ways to earn free Robux online.

PointsPrizes is an independent platform where you can earn Free Robux by doing small jobs. Register on PointsPrizes now. You will get tasks like filling a survey form, signing up your email for newsletters of various companies. Moreover, if you want to earn a few extra Free Robux, you can also download the featured apps, games and much more.


The website rewards you with some points whenever you complete a specific task. Once you stack up enough, you can then trade in those points for Free Robux in Roblox, Gift Cards such as Amazon, iTunes, and much more like Builder’s Club memberships.

If you want to get a few more extra Robux, you can invite your friends to join PointsPrizes. And, you’ll earn 10% lifetime commission of they earn by completing the tasks. There are tonnes of positive reviews on the website, and I have friends who successfully used to it get Free Robux for the Roblox Game.

You can read more about this on the official PointsPrize Roblox Section.

Method #2 Purchasing the Builders Club For Free Robux

Sign Up now for the Builders’ Club and get dozens of rewards, undoubtedly Free Robux.

You can start by navigating to the official Roblox Store.

The perks of having the Premium Club account rewards its members with free Robux daily for just being a member of the club.

Though the Robux that you’ll receive would vary per day, you will undoubtedly earn some Free Robux. The member’s level of Builder’s Club also decides the amount of Free Robux.

But there’s always as a catch! As previously said, you need to purchase the Builders’ Club. Apart from having other benefits of the premium membership, you will get complimentary Free Robux.

Builders Club pricing

n a way, you’re not paying for it, and if you upgrade to the membership for the first time, then you will get extra 100 Free Robux.

The Classic Builders’ Club upgrade is around $5.95 per month, and you’ll get 15 Free Robux daily. The Turbo Membership is $11.95 monthly and offers 35 robux a day. Lastly, the Outrageous membership is $19.95 monthly and gives you 60 Free Robux a day.

Moreover, Roblox is now offering the Starter Kits for the Builders’ Club Members especially. You can also purchase the Super Value Kit of $49.95 for 4500 Robux. Once it’s done, you’ll get the bonus 1500 Free Robux if you’re an active Builders’ Club Member.

Method #3 The Builders Club Marketplace

I would be a fool if I’ll only prompt you to register for the Premium Builders Club Membership just for Free Robux!

Now that I am not, did I mention that there’s a dedicated marketplace for collectibles in the Builders Club? Well, you can get the Free Robux Simulator and other fun things that you can trade in such a place for a very minimal amount and of good quality as well.

Builders Club Marketplace

The Trade System feature enables you to purchase collectible items. These items already pack some extra Free Robux in the treasure.

You can then sell them at the Builders Club if someone is willing to pay you more Robux in exchange. Also, the Club Dashboard notifies the user once somebody wishes to buy the collectible. Moreover, you can set the price yourself ( just like in bidding and auctions).

Trading the collectibles with other players of the Builders Club is pretty fun. Moreover, it is an excellent platform as you can add robux to trades. And, if anyone wishes to purchase your high-value collectibles, you can then negotiate for a fair price that suits you.

Method #4 Selling Your Creations to Builders Club

There’s one powerful and quite intriguing method that one of my friends still uses is to sell creations.

So, if you’re good at creating resources, you can do it for someone else. I mean that you can sell your creations in the club for free Robux. Also, you can get hired to build/script creations for their account. You can quickly start off this in the Group Recruiting Plaza.

Also, if you own multiple creations, then you can start selling essential clothing like shirts and trousers.

You can also create chic and crisp clothing in Builders Club like Hats, Wings, and whatnot! In a way, you’ll create the things for free and get Free Robux for trading it.

builders club

Initially, it was the Group Recruitment Center, but numerous players go there to sell creations! If you’re good at it, then you can even build a Cafe or a Script for another user. I have seen players willing to pay 2000 Robux for a specific creation.

Moreover, you can start off by charging a little less to attract more players, and once you build the authority… I think you got the point.

Method #5 Developing a Popular Game in Roblox

The one great thing about playing Roblox Free Robux is the freedom you get in the game. Game passes are in-game power-ups that provide you with specific benefits in the game, say Free Robux.

However, it costs for a player to buy a game pass, and 10% (70% for Builder’s Club) goes to the game creator to satisfy their whim.

So, if you create a perfect game, people are likely to buy the game passes. And if it’s delicious, you will be a Robux millionaire with countless Free Robux.

robux game

Method #6 Using Free Google Play Credit

If you don’t already know about the Google Play Promotion, then you should sign up to get offers. Sign up for the Promotional Emails from Google for Free Robux. What happens is that you’ll occasionally get free £1 Google Play Credits.

On smartphone editions, you can purchase 80 Robux for 99p. In a way, you can get a decent amount of free Robux if you subscribe to Google Play Credit.

Method #7 Joining the Roblox Endorsement Program

Free Robux aren’t going to shower on you that fast. So, it works like you will need to send out a link to people inviting them to join Roblox. Moreover, any player who then purchases something on Roblox. And that too through your link, you will then get a 5% of their new bought Robux. Roblox would not charge extra for them.

The cons of this are that your friends would have to pay money to get Free Robux for you. That too, a small amount! However, if you have a good network and rich friend circle, then you can send out enough of these links to your friends and family.

Method #8 Group Funding & Purchase

In some groups, the members often reward their active members for their achievements or being helpful to the community group. This way you might not generate enough Free Robux but what you would gain is most people’s trust.

And certainly, last but not the least, joining a group that pays free Robux. This wouldn’t be happening to a lot of you because requires luck and patience. However, if you’re fortunate enough to find a genuine group that reads you for doing certain jobs, then it’s all good. Again, this is quite unlikely.

Why These Free Robux Methods?

Our goal at is to make it possible for every Roblox gamer to earn Free Robux legitimately.

We also believe that Robux is essential to having a good Roblox gaming experience, and we wish to bring this experience to everyone.

To do this, we are continuously figuring out all the ways for earning free Robux. We do not sell or offer Robux from our side or on the website in exchange for money. We simply provide genuine and working methods to help you out.

The Free Robux Generator Hack Scam

I know that most of you are already a victim of the fake Generator Scams for Free Robux.

However, if you’re not, then I wish you to read this section carefully. As most people can still get their “Roblox Account Banned or Blocked” if they fall into the trap.

First thing, there’s nothing such as a Free Robux Generator or Roblox Hack Tool Online. They’re all just fake website scams and frauds who earn money by fooling the users. For your convenience, here are the major facts that you should know!

Fact 1: It is Impossible to “Hack” Roblox Externally

Most of these generator sites try to fool users with fake promises and stats. They pretend that their developers have hacked into the Roblox Database. And they can now offer Robux Free to every user who comes on their Scam Generator Site.

However, if this did ever occur; it won’t be minutes before the Roblox Developers would realize that there has been a security breach. Many of premium users start complaining about the fraud. This happens in the cases of all the major games, software, and tools. After several hours of update and network security, the company removes any kind of breach.

Fact 2: You Give Money to Generator Websites

If you have used such websites, you must’ve seen the generation process. These sites urge the user to “Prove you are Human” by doing a human verification. They even promote other lame excuses like.

What happens is that when you complete the verification, an offer pops up on the screen. It gives the developer around $0.25 – $2 whenever someone completes it. After that, your page will redirect to an infinite loop of spam links. In a nutshell, you get scammed!

Fact 3: All the Free Robux Generators are ILLEGAL

If you don’t already know that Roblox is now doing necessary measures to block such websites. And, even claiming them Illegal as they violate their copyright policies.

Don’t worry though, no one is going to arrest you if you’re using such websites. However, we urge you to report such Fake Generator Websites in the Roblox Forum. Who knows, someone might reward you some Free Robux.

Now, we understand the desperation of users to get free Robux and how they fall into such traps. We are doing our best to provide you with the best working and legal ways to earn Free Robux. Our goal is also to keep you safe online. That’s why we have a section on how to keep your Roblox Account safe.

How to Avoid Such ‘Free Robux’ Scams?

The Guide to keep your Roblox Account safe from Theft!

Many of the ROBLOX users often claim that they got “hacked” in the official Reddit and Roblox Forums. However, this is generally not the real case. As previously mentioned, they just get scammed in the urge to get Free Robux Roblox Codes.

For a fact, ROBLOX accounts are very secure. Now, there won’t be any harmful things such as Heartbleed Bug (you can google it if you don’t know what it is), you’re fine for the most part.

robux generator

There are even rumors that all the Roblox accounts are “hackable.” Ignore these talks, as they are probably not right. Think if they were, wouldn’t players on the front page be showing 100 different people every day? Definitely LOL. Roblox also supports you to increase your security measures which you can read below:

1. The 2-Step Verification (2SV) Process

Make sure that you enable the 2-Step Verification in the Roblox Game. Its just like the Gmail Verification, and you can activate it using the security measures in your account.

Just navigate to your Account Settings > Security. For more details, you can instantly head to the Roblox’s Official FAQ post regarding the account security measures for their users.

2. Using the Strongest Passwords

Common phrases like as username123, 12345678 or typing Roblox and username keywords is pretty easy to guess.

Suppose, if your username is Marshall (In my case), then your password shouldn’t be Marshall123 or 1234Marshall. Head out to this website where you can quickly check your password strength. It is known as HowSecureisMyPassword.

Official Website –

A fully secured password should follow such guidelines:

  • The password should be at least eight characters long
  • Don’t even think to keep your Date of Birth as your password
  • Try using a mix of upper and lowercase letters. Like”[email protected]” instead of “Marshall123.”
  • Also, don’t arrange the letter cases in familiar locations.
  • It should include numbers as well as special characters like #,@,$,&,%.
  • And lastly, make sure that you use different passwords for all accounts. You can manage them with apps or extensions like LastPass, etc.

IMPORTANT: Keep yourself away from fake emails or other phishing contact forms. There are websites which ask you to enter Roblox details for getting Free Robux. Sometimes, these sites look so generic and user-friendly, that people enter their credentials in the hope of getting robux transfers.

Never add email addresses of any of your friends or other users for verification or even in the password reset.

You can use your email address or even your parent’s email if you’re under 12 or 14 (as per Roblox Guidelines). Doing so would enable you to keep your account safe.

3. Never Share Your Passwords and Cookies

It would be idiotic if you ever lose your account because of you sharing the credentials with other people. Even if your friend is asking you details over chats, you should not give them to him/her.

Always keep your login details safe and secure.”

If you’re talking to the Customer Support of Roblox, then do remember this. The thing is that they will never ask you for your password while resolving your problem. This is one significant detail that you should be aware of. However, if someone questions you for your Roblox account details, then you can instantly report it to the Roblox Community.

You should also keep a check for the following details like the browser cookies, and other sensitive computer information. Keep a check at your IP Address, and suspicious extensions or personal credentials.

Be aware of any Generator website that urges you to fill a survey form or any Human verification. Also, the ones that ask your Roblox account details. Not only your game account, but you shouldn’t enter details on sites which look too fancy or suspicious. The worse that happens is that the scammers sell your information on the Black Market.

4. Don’t Fall For The Fake Generator or Scam Websites

The only official links for the Roblox Games and Robux related content are from its parent domain. The “” or some of the links mentioned in the “What Not to Post” on the official website.

Majority of the websites like Even websites like are usually free Robux generator scams. They claim to get you Free Robux no human verification required. However, I think you already know the reality.

These websites are generally scams and to steal a player’s username and passwords, etc. You can even lose your account and the resources. Don’t fall for the website which uses the same Roblox Logo. And the images on the websites are just there to make the scam look more generic.

5. Avoid Logging in a Public Device or Connection

If you think that you’re utilizing the time of your school classes by playing Roblox in the Library computers. Then, you have to make sure that you use it in the Incognito mode. Make sure that you log out once are done playing.

For extra safety, change your password on a monthly basis and log out of all the devices periodically.

6. Never Download an App or Software Related to Free Robux

There are many websites which offer fake apps and software tools that promise to give you free Robux after downloading. Well, the sad reality is that most of the times, they are just malware and keyloggers.

You should never download or install programs (.exe file) without your parent’s permission. The first thing you can do so to protect yourself is to get an Antivirus on your PC.

I would also recommend you to review and remove all the suspicious browser extensions. And, some of the third-party extensions could even steal or track your login data or cookies. In the age of scams and thefts, never go for anything that is 110% trust-able.

7. The Fake Pop-Up Scam

Keep in mind that you are required to enter your Roblox username and password. The usual places are the homepage of the official website and its mobile apps. So, whenever you encounter a sudden popup or in-game UI asking for your login information for any reason at all. Even from the official website, just exit it and report it under the Legal Abuse section on

Free Robux FAQ

How Much Does Real Robux Cost?

Basically, our end goal is to provide everyone with Free Robux tricks and methods as much as possible. However, many people ask us that how much does the real Robux cost?

So, there are four different memberships in the Roblox Game. The game is free, so if you just sign-up, you’re in the Free Tier. Though you can play games and create your ones, you cannot benefit from the premium features.

The Builders Club has the remaining three paid memberships, Classic, Turbo, and Outrageous. The perks vary as per the prices, and they usually give out Free Robux to every member.

Signing up for premium memberships give you a lot of benefits. The Classic Membership starts at $5.95 per month. You get 100 Free Robux with the Classic membership as a signing bonus as well.

So, this is all about Roblox and how to get free Robux. With 100% working ways without any cheat, scam, or hack. If you have any query or doubt regarding the methods, you can Contact us anytime.

Do let me know if you guys know any other such exciting trick to get free Robux. If you would love to share with the community, we’ll feature it. And YES, beware of all these scam Generator websites that fool you for free Robux Roblox Hack. Remember to keep playing Roblox.


Its always safe to buy robux from official site rather than getting scammed by a robux generator sites. So, Kindly avoid this kind of sites